2021 Legislative Session for Georgia Begins

Jan 13, 2021

Credit Alyssa Pointer via AJC

Georgia’s 2021 legislative session began earlier this week with many pre-proposed bills and a variety of other topics to address -- including police reform, voting laws, and recent concerns over the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines as cases continue to rise in Georgia. WUGA recently spoke with state representative Spencer Frye about what’s in store for the Georgia General Assembly, and how the state should handle vaccine roll-out.

FRYE: I do not believe that you can think you're going to passively get out of this pandemic. We have to take the test and the vaccine to the people. The mayor and commission of Athens Clarke County have been very aggressive and very forward-thinking and partnering with organizations to create a mobile clinic unit that has been an incredibly successful venture. And if we don't get the vaccine to an underserved population, this is never going to change.