Athens News Matters: Health Communicators Discuss the Importance of Communication During Pandemic

Oct 22, 2021

Health and Science Correspondent Lauren Baggett joins Chris Shupe to discuss the importance of timely and accurate communication during a health crisis or a pandemic.
Dr. Glen Nowak discusses the hardships of health officials communicating during a pandemic.

Among the many lessons learned from the pandemic is the importance of timely, accurate communications between public health officials and the public, but it is hard to do. We’ll talk to two health communicators about the challenges and the lessons learned.

To learn more about these challenges and lessons learned during the pandemic, WUGA's Chris Shupe will sit down with Dr. Glen Nowak Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Health and Risk Communication at UGA’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and health and science correspondent Lauren Baggett. 

I can certainly say that there are challenges with reaching the audience you want to reach in the time that you want to reach them...especially in something like a health crisis or a pandemic.