Gov. Brian Kemp Extends Public Health Executive Order

Oct 16, 2020

Governor Brian Kemp extended the current public health executive order and COVID-19 restrictions. 


Credit 13 WMAZ

The executive order went into effect this morning and runs until October 31st. It reiterates an executive ban on gatherings of more than fifty people and elaborates that groups over fifty are only allowed if they are spread across more than one single location. 


President Donald Trump's campaign event in Macon today will likely violate that order, and has been referred to by some as a potential "super spreader event". Citing a Georgia Tech public health expert, GPB News says that a low estimate of 500 attendees creates a 98% chance that any person attending the event will contract COVID-19. The President's rallies generally draw crowds of thousands, with little to no mask-wearing or social distancing.


The public health emergency is in effect until November 9th.