How Does Your Garden Grow? Part 2: Ground cherries? Ground cherries.

Apr 23, 2021

A close-up of Jane's ground cherry plant.
Credit Jane Kobres

Meet Jane Kobres of Athens. Like a lot of us, she’s been gardening more since the Covid 19 pandemic began.

This season, Jane decided to plant something called ground cherry. Ground cherries are an old-timey garden favorite in the nightshade family. While they’re called ground cherries, you might also have heard them called cape gooseberries or sweet tomatillos.

The plants are doing great in Jane’s garden. But she reached out to us because she was worried about what she read online about the plant being toxic. And as you’ll hear, Laura Ney was able to put Jane at ease.

Plus! Remember last week's mystery bush? We have an answer, and it might surprise you. The answer is in this week's episode.

This program is produced by Allison Salerno.