New Residential Area, SUVs Approved by Commission

Apr 7, 2021

Credit Ford Motor Company

On April 6, the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission discussed 36 agenda items during a four-hour regular meeting. One of the biggest topics of discussion was the amendment to the future land use map and the rezoning of over 6 acres on Research Drive. Commissioners unanimously approved the motion to turn 6.4 acres currently used as commercial space on Research Drive into a residential area.

District 3 Commissioner Melissa Link said she is in favor of the project because there is a market for middle-income housing.

"I trust that in this location and the layout of this particular project, it does appeal to that missing middle market that we desperately need and I hope that more projects like this could help relieve some of the pressure on some of our other neighborhoods," said Link.

The commission also approved the purchase of nine hybrid Ford Interceptors for the Police Department. According to Commissioner Myers, "With the hybrid SUV, we're getting we'll have 30% less gasoline, and produce about 30% fewer CO2 emissions. Hopefully, soon there'll be electric vehicles that will be in the pursuit vehicles category that we can use when we're placing future police cars."

Commissioners also approved the construction of eco-stations in strategic locations around Clayton Street.