UGA Researchers Have Found That Taking Lutein Supplements Improves Brain Function

Apr 17, 2018

Lisa Renzi-Hammond
Credit UGA

After more than a year of work, researchers at the UGA show that making simple dietary changes can make big differences.


You really are what you eat, according to UGA researchers who studied UGA students and seniors from the community for a year. Professor Lisa Renzi-Hammond says both the students and adults over 60 who received lutein supplements for the year-long project saw definite improvements in brain function.


"We looked at all sorts of measures of cognitive function. We looked at their visual health, we looked at the structures of their brains. We looked at how well those brains were functioning from an electrical perspective. And we looked at just their ability to perform cognitive tests," said Renzi Hammond. "And what we found in all these age ranges that we looked at, the individuals who supplemented the lutein had healthier brains and better cognitive functions. Which means, that we were even able to change our rockstar UGA students!"   


Lutein is found in dark green leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach.


Renzi-Hammond says they were surprised that the students, who were young, healthy, and high-performing saw such improvements.