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Museum Minute: Reckonings and Reconstructions Audio Tour

Museum staff developed an audio tour, accessible through a QR code in the galleries with a smartphone or via the exhibition page on the website if you want to listen at home. Rather than the voice of a curator explaining the photographs, the tour features perspectives from 25 photographers with work in the show. Modeled after the Do Good Fund’s Small Talks project, these accounts provide unique insights into each picture as the artist talks about how and why it was made. The Fund provided audio for some artists that had already been recorded, but many others, like Jill Frank and Rosie Brock, wrote and recorded new text specifically for the exhibition. Their insights also appear in the exhibition catalogue, co-published by the museum and the University of Georgia Press and available in the Museum Shop, at independent bookstores and online.

The audio tour, which is best experienced through headphones because the web app plays through the speaker of your phone, also includes a transcript of each talk. For another audio experience related to the show, mark your calendar for a live recording of the Modern Art Notes Podcast at the museum on December 8 at 5:30 p.m., with producer and host Tyler Green interviewing famed photographer Sheila Pree Bright.