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Museum Minute: Artful Conversation

Reckonings and Reconstruction Audio Tour

Could you look at a single work of art for thirty minutes? The museum’s Artful Conversation program aims to help people do just that. Held once a month on a Wednesday at 2 p.m., the program, which has been running steadily since 2012, focuses on one work of art at a time. Museum educators select the works, which might be in a temporary exhibition or part of the permanent collection. Rather than lecturing visitors about what a work means, educators invite participants to investigate a work of art together through open-ended conversation. These conversations provide opportunities to connect with works of art and each other through close looking and shared perspectives. Slow looking by oneself is a valuable experience, but there’s something really special about looking at and talking about works of art with other people.

Each month's program focuses on a different work of art. Educators try to choose works that raise interesting questions and promote lively dialogue. They come prepared with research about the art that they weave in throughout the discussion, helping keep the conversation going and adding to the group's collective interpretation. Programs often feature other activities to expand the conversation, such as drawing and writing in response to the art.

After more than a hundred versions of the program, which continued on Zoom during the height of the pandemic, there’s no risk of running out of art to examine. Want to find the next Artful Conversation? Visit the Georgia Museum of Art website for a full schedule of museum events.