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New art installation can only be seen in augmented reality

Georgia Museum of Art

If you weren’t looking at your phone, you could walk through Nancy Baker Cahill’s artwork “Margin of Error” and not realize it. That’s the opposite of how things usually work at a museum, but Baker Cahill’s art installation exists in augmented reality, which you need your smart device to view. It’ll be on view at the museum this fall, in the exhibition “Nancy Baker Cahill: Through Lines” (October 28, 2023, to May 19, 2024).

This mid-career survey exhibition, organized by Kathryn Hill, associate curator of modern and contemporary art, is Baker Cahill’s first solo museum show. The exhibition moves across three galleries, featuring drawings, sculptural installations, videos and augmented reality.

“Through Lines” traces the artist’s evolution and artistic practice as she moves from traditional modes of artistic production into technologized ones, translating drawn lines into other forms of art and challenging the limits of 2-D drawing.

“Margin of Error,” a geolocated AR work, is on view in the museum’s Jane and Harry Willson Sculpture Garden. Baker Cahill’s free AR [say the letters: A R] art platform, the 4th Wall, allows viewers to interact with and document themselves with the work. Inside the museum, her prints also trigger AR animations, bringing static images to life as related videos. The artist uses these emergent technologies to examine ideas of power, consciousness, the human body and the impact of humans on the biosphere.

“Through Lines” is sponsored by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, John and Sara Shlesinger, the W. Newton Morris Charitable Foundation Fund and the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art.

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