The Talbot Spy

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and more than 30 million Americans have the disease. Health officials say two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease or stroke.

Unfortunately, the numbers in Georgia are worse.

“Roughly nine percent of the nation is diabetic. In the state of Georgia, the statistics roughly were from 10 to 12 percent of the population. As far as prediabetes estimates are around 33%.”

That’s Dr. Thomas Wells, Regional Medical Director for Primary Care with Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital.

A new market is growing for people who want to buy and sell pre-owned diabetic test strips, which has some experts worried. Without any market regulation, there are questions about whether these strips always give accurate blood sugar readings, which could create real conqesuences for diabetic patients.

This week on the Georgia Health Report, we discuss the origin of this ‘gray’ market.

Smart Watch

Oct 22, 2016

Technology and healthcare have a history of evolving together. And now personal smart devices can help us track our health in ways we couldn’t before. One Athens mom and recognizable WUGA voice, says a new app that lets her track her son’s blood sugar on her smartwatch has been a gamechanger.