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Episode 5: Gen-Z Refill Entrepreneurs

Guest: Taylor Griffin, a sustainable maximalist (previously Totally Taylored) and Jessica and Chris from Amis de la Terre Zero-Waste Market

On this aquathread: what it is like to be a young (Gen-Z) entrepreneur from East to West Coast; how does a refill store operate in real-life?; running your own business while juggling early career or graduate school; why refilling is not just for those into sustainability; the highs and lows of running a small business and start-up; and how to find support in unexpected places.

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Regents Professor, 2022 MacArthur Fellow, Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering,<br/>New Materials Institute, Circularity Informatics Lab, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Morgan Stanley Plastic Waste Resolution Senior Researcher<br/>Twitter: @JambeckResearch<br/>Instagram: jennajambeck