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Jenna Jambeck, Environmental Engineer, 2022 MacArthur Fellow, Athens, GA

Jenna Jambeck

Regents Professor, 2022 MacArthur Fellow, Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering,

New Materials Institute, Circularity Informatics Lab, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Morgan Stanley Plastic Waste Resolution Senior Researcher

Twitter: @JambeckResearch

Instagram: jennajambeck

  • On this aquathread: How data analytics can help make successful conservation campaigns; what else it takes to make successful campaigns and reach a diverse audience, what it's like to work with A-list stars like Adrian Grenier and Jason Momoa on plastic pollution; and how to get by working with your family in an RV (by choice).
  • On this aquathread: find out what a garbologist is and how did Sonia end up as one; why is what we term a waste collector so important; why is the informal waste sector so critical and how do they help prevent plastic pollution?; how can we garner more respect for all waste workers, both formal and informal
  • On this aquathread: A double feature with two amazing guests. What it's like to write a 300 page report on plastics policies that makes a big splash, science communication and the next generation, “balance” during grad school, and how bagels can bring people together to move sustainability forward.
  • On this aquathread: what happens when you don’t go into a field your parents expect you to; how does musical theater lead to ocean conservation; how do you get the coveted title of “Chief Mermaid”’ and why countries in the Global South are leaders in reducing plastic pollution.
  • On this aquathread: A peek behind the curtain of global negotiations and discussions, including the plastics treaty; how baking and cooking shows can help ease jet-lag; and how pushing yourself to be in public situations and presentations might inspire others.
  • Co-Hosts: Jenna Jambeck and Madison WernerGuest: Patricia Villarrubia Gomez, PhD Candidate, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm UniversityOn this aquathread: Following inspiration and passion in work; finding mentors; pushing the boundaries of science, balancing grad school and sleep; scientists representation at the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC); and the Plastics Treaty. Links referenced:Outside the Safe Operating Space of the Planetary Boundary for Novel EntitiesMarine plastic pollution as a planetary boundary threat – The drifting piece in the sustainability puzzleStockholm Resilience Center Planetary BoundariesSocial Media for Patty: @pativillarrubia
  • Co-Hosts: Jenna Jambeck and Imari Walker-FranklinGuest: Dr. Kara Lavender Law, Research Professor of Oceanography at Sea Education AssociationOn this aquathread: How an oceanographer became interested in plastics and waste management; what it is like to have your science be used for global policy (like in G7 and G20 declarations); how in the world did we balance infants and scientific working groups; how being on your local solid waste commission can make a difference and why supporting women in oceanography is important. Bonus: Can you pass the SEA Plastics Quiz?Links referenced:SEA Plastics Lab
  • Guest: Taylor Griffin, a sustainable maximalist (previously Totally Taylored) and Jessica and Chris from Amis de la Terre Zero-Waste MarketOn this aquathread: what it is like to be a young (Gen-Z) entrepreneur from East to West Coast; how does a refill store operate in real-life?; running your own business while juggling early career or graduate school; why refilling is not just for those into sustainability; the highs and lows of running a small business and start-up; and how to find support in unexpected places.
  • On this aquathread: The perspective of an undergraduate studying math and history at UGA; coastal roots as inspiration; the importance of coastal waters and history in our lives; how a shipwreck relates to the circular economy, and how all of this might provide insight into plastic pollution. Bonus: Find out what a mooncusser is.
  • On this aquathread: Drs. Walker-Franklin and Jambeck read excerpts from and discuss the making of their MIT Press book, Plastics, out August 22, 2023.