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Episode 12: Marketing for Good

Co-Hosts: Jenna Jambeck and Madison Werner

Guest: Dune Ives of Movements that Matter

On this aquathread: How data analytics can help make successful conservation campaigns; what else it takes to make successful campaigns and reach a diverse audience, what it's like to work with A-list stars like Adrian Grenier and Jason Momoa on plastic pollution; and how to get by working with your family in an RV (by choice).

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Regents Professor, 2022 MacArthur Fellow, Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering,<br/>New Materials Institute, Circularity Informatics Lab, College of Engineering, University of Georgia, Morgan Stanley Plastic Waste Resolution Senior Researcher<br/>Twitter: @JambeckResearch<br/>Instagram: jennajambeck
Environmental Anthropologist, SpheriCity (NSF Project) Manager, Circularity Informatics Lab (CIL), UGA