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Georgia Ranks in Bottom Half on WalletHub's List of 2017's Best and Worst School Systems


Georgia is in the bottom half when it comes to school WalletHub’s list of 2017’s state with the best and worst school systems. Georgia came in at number 38 on the list.  Jill Gonzalez tells us where the state could do better.

“Georgia could use the most improvement when it comes to things like its high school drop-out rate which is now at around 21%,” according to Gonzalez.  “Also its pupil-teacher ratio at around 16 to 1, and then overall its test scores in both grades four and eight, and then on to ACT and SAT scores too.”

Gonzalez says there was a trend, many of the best states were clustered in the northeast, while southern states tended to do worse. Louisiana was the worst ranked state, coming at number 51 on the list.

Georgia fared better when it came to safety issues.

“Some of Georgia’s better areas all have to do with safety. So we saw that a pretty low rate of high school students, and this is grades 9-12, were bullied on school property at under 20%;

She says that number is even lower for online incidents.

“Even fewer were electronically bullied or cyber bullied at under 14%. Those two areas are where Georgia actually shined.”

Analysts used data involving 21 measures, including performance, funding, instructor credentials.

For more information:  https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-the-best-schools/5335/

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