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Houston Gaines Announces 2018 Campaign for District 117

This week Athens Republican Houston Gaines announced his intention to once again run for House District 117.

The race will be a rematch between Gaines and State Representative Deborah Gonzalez. The Democrat won by 450 votes during a special election last year to fill the post vacated by Regina Quick.  Gaines says this year’s race will be very different.

“Special elections, by their very name are very unique,” according to Gaines. “This November will be a lot larger turnout with the governor’s race and other statewide officials on the ballot, congressional races. Certainly that will be advantageous to us, that being said, we’ve got to do some things differently. That’s why we’re announcing in early February, so that we have the opportunity to go around the district and talk to voters until election day. That gives us nine months.”

Gonzalez and her fellow legislators will remain in session through late March.

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