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District117 Representative Deborah Gonzalez Seeks to Keep Georgians' Fingerprints from Feds


Representative Deborah Gonzalez held a press conference Thursday to voice her opposition to a measure that would send certain information on Georgians to federal authorities.

District 117 Representative Deborah Gonzalez wants constituents to voice their opinions on a plan to allow fingerprints data gathered by the GBI to be sent to the FBI to be kept indefinitely.  Language from defeated HB 623 has been added to SB 336.

“This is fingerprint data from individuals who have applied to a state agency for example, or for a professional license,” Gonzalez said. “People who work in schools, or people who are health care assistants. There’s a wide range of individuals that fall within who the GBI would be getting these fingerprints from.”

That data is currently deleted after checks are done.

Gonzalez says the first part of SB 336 would allow agencies to ask Internet service providers to not disclose to their clients if their information has been subpoenaed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation in in certain cases, including child trafficking cases.

Gonzalez is urging constituents to contact Representative Rich Golick to remove the fingerprint language.

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