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Cedar Shoals High School Hosts Mayoral Candidate Forum


Athens voters head to the polls next week and there are still some who haven’t made their final decisions on the candidates for mayor.  Several dozen voters attended a mayoral candidate forum Monday evening at Cedar Shoals high school.

Topics discussed included affordable housing, transportation, immigrants in the community, the airport, and others.

Retirees Jack Curry and David Ranking say they want more information before making a decision.

“We live on the Eastside so we’d like to see someone to promote the Eastside,” Curry said.

“I’d like to learn their positions about various things and be an informed voter,” according to David Ranking.

Selene Map was also among the undecideds.

“I am an active voter, so it would be nice and interesting to get more insight.”

Business analyst David Register wanted to know how the candidates differed.

“I’d like to find out what some of the differences are between the candidates,” according to Register.  “I’m kind of curious to know how they answer some of the questions just to make up my mind a little bit.”

He was particularly interested in where the candidates stood on one issue.

“Education mostly. I’ve got three kids in the public school system here so I’m very interested in that.”

The forum was sponsored by the Cedar Creek Civic Association, the Green Acres-Crestwood Community Association, and the Athens-Clarke county federation of neighborhoods. Voters head to the polls next Tuesday.

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