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Environment Georgia Reaction to Kroger Banning Plastic Trash bags


Environment Georgia is praising Kroger’s plan to phase out single-use plastic bags. The grocer announced the initiative today. Kroger plans to transition to reusable bags across its 15 brands of grocery stores by 2025, starting with Seattle-based QFC in 2019.

Jennette is executive director of Environment Georgia.

“We basically sent out a press release applauding Kroger for taking such a big and bold step,” Gayer said. “They have over 173 grocery stores just in Georgia, so it’s going to have a big impact.”

Environment Georgia launched its Wildlife Over Waste campaign in late May, with the goal of getting states and local governments to eliminate single-use plastics.

“One of the really big problems that we like to talk about is our ocean. We have gigantic dumps of plastic floating around in the ocean and a lot of that waste is trash bags. We’re seeing big impacts on wildlife, animals think they’re jellyfish and they eat them, we find them the stomachs of turtles, of whales.”

Kroger set a goal to divert 90 percent of its waste from the landfill by 2020.

According to Environment Georgia, Americans throw away an estimated 300 million single-use plastic bags every day.

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