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UGA Joins Others Around Globe for Frankenreads

Athens area residents are invited to take part in UGA’s festivities recognizing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

As Frankenstein turns 200, the UGA community is joining countless others around the state, nation and world in Frankenreads. The international celebration is going on all day in the Main Library on campus.  Roxanne Eberle is an English professor, she shares details about the day’s events.

"We have people reading anywhere from about 5 and 20 minutes,” according to Eberle. “At 6 o’ clock we’ll close down shop in the library and head over to Cine where we’ll be hosting a free reception, with the last 30 minutes of the novel read by people in costume. That will be followed by a free screening of James Whales’ The Bride of Frankenstein.”

The movie screening is part of Cine’s ShocktoberFest.

Eberle says the event began modestly before taking off.

“We thought we would just do a reading in front of Park Hall…and then more people go involved and it’s turned out to be a really collaborative effort between the English Department and particularly the colloquium in 18th and 19th British literature.

But it didn’t stop there.

"As we talked about it, Theatre and Film got interested in it, the DigiLab, as well as the Wilson Center and then the undergraduate English Association; a small group of English majors, who have been central to publicizing it and their enthusiasm has been great.”

The library readings are from 8 am until 6 pm. They are taking place in the UGA’s Main Library. The reception begins at 6 pm at Cine, follolwed by the movie screening.

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