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Democratic Incumbent Rep. Deborah Gonzalez on 2018 House District 117 Race


For everyone that didn’t cast their ballots early, there are several local races which are being decided Election Day Tuesday. One is for the House District 17 seat. Representative Deborah Gonzalez won the seat last year in a special election.

“This time we’re in midterm elections so there’s much more excitement about it because we are voting for the governor,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez is once again facing challenger Houston Gaines, a candidate who has raised considerably more money.

CUT She says one issue consistently gets the most attention from voters who contact her.

“The number one issue keeps coming up is that everybody needs simple, affordable health care, and you see it every day when you go out and you talk to people, they are really suffering with how much the premiums are going up.”

Gonzalez says it’s important that those how haven’t already cast their ballots during early voting, to get out to the polls tomorrow.

“The big message is vote, if you haven’t voted early, there’s still time on Election Day. It is so important this midterm, and I know that some people say we’re concerned about the security of the machines or we’re concerned that our vote really won’t count.”

She says he’s living proof that every vote matters.

“You know last year nobody thought that we would be able to flip this seat and that I would win, but we did. That’s exactly what we did and only because people went out to vote.”

Polls are open from 7 am until 7 pm Election Day Tuesday.

Republican challenger Houston Gaines on 2018 House District 117 race.

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