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Envision Athens Shares Progress Report

Envision Athens

Envision Athens is sharing its six-month progress report. The community-wide effort launched a formal plan of work in September of 2018, now Project Manager Erin Barger is sharing the organization’s six-month development.

“Big picture helpful way to articulate the categories of Envision Athens is people, place and prosperity,” according to Barger. “And then under those umbrellas, in the category of people you have things like social services, safety; in the category of place, items such as housing, land use, environment; and then prosperity, categories such as education and economic development.   

She says it’s to fill the community in on progress on priority actions across 14 domains covered by the Envision.

“The legend here is from a scale starting at 1 meaning this is not moving forward, going up to 4, which indicates that the item is complete and we’re actually moving on to the next priority action.”

There are No 1s on the list, mostly 2s, several 3s and a 4.”.

The goal of Envision Athens is to develop strategy to guide community and economic development for the next 20 years.

“It is essentially a blueprint that combines the best of grassroots activism with institutional capacity so that we know where we’re going and how we’re going to get there together.”

For more information or to see the progress report,  visit www.envisionsathens.org.

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