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State Department of Labor: Strong February Job Numbers for Northeast Georgia

The most recent report by the Georgia Department of Labor shows the Northeast Georgia region posted strong numbers in February. Commissioner Mark Butler says the number of employed residents increased in the area.

“In that report, first of all, we see that the unemployment rate dropped by half a point, bringing the rate down to 3.7 percent. We’re also seeing signs of fewer layoffs as the number of initial claims for unemployment dropped by over 40%, going from January to February; which is further good news that shows the strength of the economy in the Northeast Georgia region.”

Nationally, the unemployment rate was 3.8 percent. Butler says the labor force also increased.

“We see some very good news as we saw the number of individuals who were in the labor force, these are people who are either looking for work or currently working, increase by over 220 individuals over the month,” according to Butler.

He says many of those looking for work were successful in finding jobs.

“We saw almost 1600 individuals become employed over the last month, which is a very strong increase over 30 days as we’re continuing to see individuals fill these jobs that we have in Northeast Georgia.”

Department of Labor
Commissioner Mark Butler

Clarke, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oconee and Oglethorpe counties are among those included in the multi-county Northeast Georgia region.

The Department of Labor urges both job seekers and employers to visit its online job listing service, Employ Georgiato find or post jobs.

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