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Georgia Museum of Art to Show 'Athens in Our Lifetimes' Documentary


Athenians will have a chance to learn a bit more about the Classic City this Thursday.

The Georgia Museum of Art is hosting a showing of a documentary by Athenians, for Athenians and starring Athenians. “Athens in our Lifetimes is being screened for free as a part of 90 Carlton Street events.

Hillary Brown is Director of Communications for the facility.

“It goes along with exhibition that we have which is up through August 11th ‘Our Time and Beyond, The Early Years of the Athens Art Association,”” Brown said.  “I think there are four exhibitions total around Athens celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Athens Art Association and this is one of them.”

Co-Executive Producer Grady Thrasher says the movie is details the development of Athens over the years, from the perspective of dozens of residents.

“We were talking, I think, with Pete McCommons,[Editor and Publisher of Flagpole Magazine] about why is Athens so unique and he and Kathy and I also remembered when Athens was much more a typical little southern town that was segregated and had Jim Crow laws and all of that. It has evolved.  

Kathy Prescott is also a Co-Executive Producer of the film.

“Well this wasn’t a Chamber of Commerce shoot,” according to Prescott. “History is history and there were people that we could talk to that had experienced that and I’ve heard that some of these issues aren’t taught in schools anymore. It’s like you said, where are young people going to hear these stories.”

The movie had a successful two-week run at Cine two years ago, with some 2,000 people viewing it at the theatre.

The museum screening is Thursday, June 13th at 7 pm. It is free and open to the public.

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