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UGA Expert on Democratic Debate


A University of Georgia expect weighs in on the debates between Democratic Presidential hopefuls.

Joseph Watson is a professor in Grady College.

“I actually think that the American people have gotten a really good look at the Democratic field over the course of this four hours of debate that we’ve seen over the past two nights,” Watson said.

Watson says though there are several candidates, he believes the time allotted still allows for American public to start forming opinions about the field.

“While obviously the time that each candidate has been given has been divided with 10 minutes or under for most of the candidates; it still gives the American people a good look at the breadth of the experience of the different candidates that are in this field.”

He says there were four top-tier candidates last night, and that Senator Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were strong performers, but two of them he believes underperformed.

“Four candidates on the second debate that have more than double-digit support; and among those candidates I think that Sanders underperformed.,” according to Watson. “I think people expected Sanders to take the fight to Joe Biden that he really did not do.”

Watson says Sanders was not alone in not rising to the occasion.

“The other person that I think underperformed in the second night’s debate was Mayor Buttigieg. He’s very mellow and certainly not as bombastic or combative and that does not necessarily play well in a debate.”  

There are 24 democratic candidates running.