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Hurricane Dorian Continues to Get Stronger, Heading Toward Georgia


Hurricane Dorian is heading for the Florida coast and facilities in Georgia, like the Atlanta Motor Speedway and State Parks are providing camping space for free for evacuees. Weather experts like UGA professor of Geography John Knox says we will be talking about this storm for several days.

"Even though we're talking about Dorian on Friday, the center of it may not get close [to] Georgia until late in the week," Knox says. "We're not used to that because we think of these storms moving somewhat faster."


Knox says he’s had people from both Florida and Georgia asking for advice about the steps they should take to prepare.

"The best thing people can do is pay very close attention during a holiday weekend to what the National Weather Service is saying, the latest updates and also what authorities are saying about any actions that need to be taken," Knox says. "This is an evolving situation. Dorian continues to get stronger."

Knox says the current high pressure system, which is causing the nice weather, is also posing problems when it comes to creating the forecast regarding Dorian.


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