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Changes to SNAP Benefits Could Impact Thousands of Georgians


A proposal by the Trump administration would change the way people qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits or SNAP.

Millions nationwide would lo se food assistance if the administration closes a so-called loophole.

Currently residents can receive SNAP if they already qualify for other assistance.

Sarah Lauffer, a Senior Research Programmer with Mathematica, says that would change.

“So these benefits allow households that little bit of extra income they need to supply food for their families,” according to Lauffer. “We’re thinking households with children or households with elderly individuals, who may not make income high enough or have expenses that outweigh their ability to buy food without access to these benefits.”

She says about 98,000 Georgians, or six percent of current participants would lose SNAP if the changes go through.

“Georgia would be impacted, about six percent of their SNAP participants currently receiving benefits would lose access.  Since we’re eliminating broad-based benefits categorical eligibility nationwide, we’re seeing that about 3.6 million people would be removed from the SNAP program.”

About 36 million people now receive monthly SNAP benefits.

That number has declined steadily since 2013, when it exceeded 47 million. In addition to Mathematica, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urban Institute have analyzed the effect/impact of the potential changes.

Lauffer says people can still make comments through the end of the day regarding the changes. By visiting the federal register.

Monday, September 23rd is the final day for public comment regarding changes to a benefits program affects million here in Georgia and around the nation.

SNAP benefit changes. https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/fr-072419.

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