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Analysts: Georgia Among 2019's Least Energy Efficient States


October is National Energy Awareness Month and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates families could save up to 25% on their utility bills by taking energy efficient measures. With that in mind, the personal finance website WalletHub studied every state excluding Alaska and Hawaii to determine 2019’s Most and Least Energy Efficient States.

Unfortunately, analyst Jill Gonzalez says Georgia is the 7th least energy-efficient state in the nation.

“Georgia ranked 42nd, so it ranked especially low when it comes to its home energy efficiency.”

The average American household spends at least $2,000 on utilities and another 21-hundred on motor fuel and oil. Gonzalez says Georgia did fare better when it came to vehicles.

“Georgia does a little bit better when it comes to its vehicle fuel efficiency and transportation efficiency in terms of annual miles driven versus the gallons of gasoline consumed,” Gonzalez said.

She says there are steps consumers can take to increase efficiency and cut costs.

“Consumers can pick options that might cost them a little more up front like better lighting, insulation, windows etcetera, that will actually end up saving you money and saving electricity in the long run.”  

The most efficient state was New York, the least efficient was South Carolina.

For more information or to view the full list: https://wallethub.com/edu/most-and-least-energy-efficient-states/7354/.

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