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Georgia Set Record in September for Job Numbers

Georgia has set another record when it comes to total employed residents. That’s according to the most recent numbers released by the State Department of Labor.

“The employment number, which is different, that is actual individuals who have actually gone out there, completed their job search, were successful and got a job,” according to State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler. “I always like to tout that number the most, mainly because that’s the end game. That’s success.”

Butler says September’s record comes as Georgia continues to show improvement in other key measures.

“Getting people in your workforce, you know that’s something you want to do, creating jobs is something you want to do; but getting people employed, that’s the end game and so that number is the one we want to look at. The fact that we have set that record for all-time high employment so many times this year and again in the month of September is something I think we should really tout and be excited about.

Butler says the state is not just creating jobs, but also creating the type of positions job seekers want.

“That means that not only are we creating jobs, but we’re creating the jobs that we need and the jobs, that quite frankly, the individuals who are looking for jobs need.”

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Nationally, the unemployment rate dropped 0.2 percentage points in September to 3.5 percent. The nation also grew its labor force, increased the number of employed residents and added more 130,000 jobs.

Georgia’s unemployment rate also fell 0.1 percentage points in September to reach 3.5 percent.  A year ago, Georgia’s unemployment rate sat at 3.7 percent. The state’s all-time low of 3.4 percent was set in December 2000.

“Well Here in Georgia, we saw our unemployment rate continue to decrease, but no only that, we saw a good healthy increase in the total number of individuals employed over the month.”

In September, EmployGeorgia.com, the department’s job listing service, noted more than 95,000 job postings.

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