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Rep. Spencer Frye on Lawmakers Heading Back to Capitol


Georgia lawmakers are heading back to the capital next month. Area representatives are ready to get back to work. District 118 Representative Spencer Frye says there are still several uncertainties facing the General Assembly.

“It’s still up in the air to see whether we will have the full remainder of session, the 11 days that are left, or just a couple of days to get the budget passed which is our constitutional duty,” according to Frye. “Some people joke that if we could pass the budget on the first day and go home the rest of Georgia would be just as satisfied. We’re not really exactly sure what else we will time to address. I think everything is up in the air.”

Frye says legislators will work under different conditions as a result of the pandemic.

“Georgia Building Authority said that they will not require masks from anybody who wants to come in the Capitol but they are encouraging masks. But I was happy to see that the Speaker said that everyone who is an employee of the house should wear a mask once they exit their vehicles and if they are in a room with more than one person.”

A practice he intends to follow.

“I appreciate the fact that the Speaker is trying to keep us all safe. I will be wearing a mask for sure.”

COVID-19 has resulted in a massive budget shortfall and Gov. Kemp’s budget director estimates the state will spend $1 billion or more of its $2.7 billion in savings to make up the deficit.

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