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Rep. Spencer Frye on Legislative Issues


The 155th legislative session getting underway Monday at the Capitol in Atlanta. Lawmakers are expected to balance the budget, make budget cuts, tax cuts, tackle health care and health insurance issues among other items. Spencer Frye represents District 118.

“I serve on two different healthcare committees and I think getting our healthcare issues under control is a major priority,” according to Frye.” “I’m really glad the at the General Assembly is going to take a look at that this session.”

Frye says he is also interested in creating legislation that would impact some Athens landmarks.

“I have one bill that I’m very interested in doing, would be designated African-American cemeteries over 100-years old as historic, which would open them up to being available for restorative grants from the state.”

And that money is sorely needed.

“I think this is something that we’ve come across locally as we’re see a bunch of old, historic cemeteries that aren’t very well taken care of but have a huge history in Athens and tell these great stories. But there’s no real way, other than volunteer work, there’s no real grant system or funding system set up in place to maintain these areas. I think the reclassification of historic black cemeteries would be a good thing to get into.

The session wraps up in March.

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