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Georgia Marks First Day of Early In-Person Voting

Georgia Tech News Center

Today is the first day of in-person early voting in Georgia, and residents are lining up in Athens and around the state. 


We spoke with some of the first to line up to vote in Athens.

First-time voter Sam Hicks says early voting makes the process smoother. 


"Early voting, in general, I think is really beneficial because if we all voted on the same day, that would be chaos, hectic, and most people wouldn't even get the chance to do so.”


Yasmine Wallace is a student and works for the Board of Elections as a poll manager. 


"For me, it's a hard-fought opportunity that a lot of my ancestors didn't have so voting is very important to me not only as a woman but also as a Black person. I feel like I’m doing this more for just myself right now, I'm doing this for all of the people that couldn't.”


Caroline Clavey says vote enough if the options aren’t appealing. 


"Even if there is nobody that makes you particularly happy as a candidate, you still want to vote in the interest of the people that you care about. It’s your voice, and it's your right as a citizen to vote, and it's your input.”


For those in line, including retiree Alphonso Moore, Pharmacist Josh, and student Harrison Williams, voting matters and early voting is worth the hour and a half long wait. 


"I got the right to vote, so I’m voting.”


"Voting is important because it’s essential to our democratic system.”


“Voting, in general, definitely matters to me because I would like to think that it is our way to affect change.”


In-person early voting runs through Friday, October 30th. 


Alexia Ridley joined WUGA as Television and Radio News Anchor and Reporter in 2013. When WUGA TV concluded operations, she became the primary Reporter for WUGA Radio. Alexia came to Athens from Macon where she served as the News Director and show host for WGXA TV. She's a career journalist and Savannah native hailing from the University of Michigan. However, Alexia considers herself an honorary UGA DAWG!
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