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This week on Athens News Matters:

Athens News Matters: Keren Landman

17 hours ago

The Georgia Department of Public Health saw its reputation scorched as a result of the state’s ridiculed Covid-19 dashboard. But as it turns out, the health department had little control over the troubled site. In a story for Atlanta Magazine, reporter Keren Landman investigated.


Athens News Matters: The Joro Spider

17 hours ago

Three inches wide, eight legs, yellow and black – the Joro spider is a recent arrival to Georgia, but entomologists say this intimidating arachnid may be a good neighbor. We sat down with Director of the Georgia Museum of Natural History Dr. Byron Freeman to gain insight into the Joro spider and how it impacts our ecosystem.


This week on Athens News Matters:

Athens News Matters: Vaccine Development

Oct 23, 2020

Many companies are working overtime on a coronavirus vaccine, but finding a safe, viable vaccine is only the first challenge. We sat down with Dr. Grace Gowda International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences Director to talk about how the vaccine development fight is going, what we should known about the process, and what to expect in the near future.