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Abrams visits Athens

Abrams speaking to a crowd on the roof of the Georgia Theatre
Devon Zwald
Abrams speaking to a crowd on the roof of the Georgia Theatre

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, was in Athens Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking to a packed crowd atop the Georgia Theatre, Abrams made the case for Georgians to elect their first Democratic governor in decades, citing issues like Medicaid expansion.

“There’s a great deal of skepticism that this one program can do the miracle things I talk about. But you don’t have to believe me," said Abrams. "Believe Mike Pence. Believe John Kasich. Believe Republican and Democratic governors across this country who expanded Medicaid, reduced the cost of healthcare, increased healthcare outcomes, created new jobs and put money back into the pockets of their people.”

Abrams took the stage to outline her campaign priorities. One of those priorities: putting the brakes on proposals like a bill backed by Gov. Brian Kemp which would allow Georgians to carry a handgun in public without a permit.

“In 2020, because of our permitting process for concealed weapons, 5,000 Georgians were told no. Because of felony convictions, because of domestic abuse, because of recent hospitalizations for mental illness," said Abrams. "They were told no because they knew that they shouldn't have those weapons. But under Brian Kemp who's promising public safety, he's going to arm the very people the public should be afraid of."

Abrams also emphasized K-12 and higher education as a priority, as well as public safety and criminal justice reform.

Abrams narrowly lost her last bid for governor to Brian Kemp four years ago. While Kemp has several Republican challengers in the May primary, Abrams is the only democrat, leaving her pathway clear to the nomination.