Devon Zwald

Assistant Producer/Athens News Matters

Dr. Tracey Tuberville, of UGA’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, has been awarded the 2021 Christine Stevens Wildlife Award for her efforts to reintroduce Eastern box turtles into the wild.

WUGA's Chris Shupe talks with Dr. Tuberville about her thoughts about receiving an award recognizing innovative, less intrusive wildlife study techniques, and learn more about her work with turtles that have been recovered from the illegal wildlife trade.

On Saturday, activists in and around Athens will travel to the site of a Watkinsville lynching to memorialize the victims, and to raise awareness about a crime that has been largely forgotten.

100 years ago, December 4th, 1921, three black men - Aaron Birdsong, Wes Hale, and George Lowe - were murdered; lynched by a mob not far from downtown Watkinsville. It wasn't the first lynching in this area. There was a mass lynching with 9 victims in Watkinsville in 1905.

This December the Performing Arts Center, celebrates the holidays - and its 25th season - with an eclectic mix of artists and entertainers. From a bluegrass Christmas to big-band jazz with Wynton Marsalis, the PAC’s 2021 Holiday Music Festival has something to help everyone celebrate the season.

As the holidays approach and tax season looms, requests for assistance from charitable organizations are on the rise. There’s more than one way to give to an organization, though.

Money may be precious, but in today’s overscheduled world, there’s another resource that may be even more valuable than your dollars - your time.

Whether you’ve got the spirit of the season, or are simply looking for a tax write-off, how do you know what is the best way to help a cause you care about? Is it better to help a charity by donating your time as a volunteer, or by opening your wallet?

The Native American scholar and leader of the Cherokee Nation, Sequoyah, is one of the most remarkable figures in American history.

His creation of a system of writing for the Cherokee language, and his attempt to reunify the Cherokee people after removal from their homeland are only two of the events that marked his extraordinary life.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we'll take a look at Searching for Sequoyah, a new documentary honoring his achievements and legacy.