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Children are the highest consumers of added sugar, even as high-sugar diets have been linked to health effects like obesity and heart disease and even impaired memory function. Now, new research has shown in a rodent model that daily consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages during adolescence impairs performance on a learning and memory task during adulthood.

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Americans had to find other ways to keep themselves entertained during baseball season in 2020, but, beginning Friday, April 9th, the game known as "America's Passtime" is ready for its in-person fans. The Atlanta Braves opened the season Thursday with a 3-2 loss against the Phillies. The Braves’ home opener will be on April 9th at Truist Park, also against the Phillies. Truist Park will open at 33% capacity. Capacity will expand to 50% for the Braves’ second homestand which begins on April 23rd.

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Amidst a pandemic and a recovering economy, perhaps the most controversial issue in this year’s session of the Georgia General Assembly was actually voting. After several proposals from members of both chambers, Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 202 into law, much to the consternation of some voting rights groups. Stephen Fowler, a politics and government reporter for Georgia Public Broadcasting, talks about the new law.

For recent parents, it’s never too soon to prepare for their kids’ college education, but what if you’re still managing your own student loan debt?

Col. Bruce Hampton was a charismatic musical figure who launched and continued to influence the jam band genre over his fifty-plus years performing. Biographer Jerry Grillo joins us to talk about his new book about Hampton.