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Athens News Matters: Indie Pop Band - Night Palace - Takes Listeners to a Different World

With one foot in Athens, and the other in New York City, indie pop band Night Palace’s mystical debut album, Diving Rings, pulls you into a new place altogether, a place that may seem achingly familiar, a place you could only imagine.

Night Palace comes as a striking departure from the typical female-fronted pop, becoming an exploration into all things magical. The 11 tracks filled with shimmery instrumentals, soft, dreamy, vocals, and plenty of references to the moon take you on a transcendental journey through the past, present, and unknown, aided by a sparkling orchestral experience through lead singer Avery Draut’s classically trained voice paired with an exquisite chamber ensemble featuring woodwinds, violin, harp, oud, and harpsichord, just to name a few.

You’re welcomed into Diving Rings’ fantasy world with the mesmerizing first song titled “Into the Wake, Mystified,” which swims through an ocean of lyrics that target themes of nostalgia and even a reference to the title of the album. This sets a tone for the rest of the record that is longing not just for a person, but for memories as well.

The lively track “Stranger Powers'' takes us deeper into light, florals, and the natural world. Overflowing with vocal harmonies, it takes us on a walk through a curiosity-inspired dream, one that may be forgotten in the morning, but in the moment is both delicate and sweet.

“Jessica Mystic” continues the magical theme adding saxophone that is featured halfway through the track. Draut thoroughly explores her voice as she undulates in and out of each verse, bringing you into a glowing world.

The pace slows down in “Fig Dream,” evoking feelings of curiosity and mystery. Draut’s gentle voice peers around the sedated, yet almost eerie instrumentation on this track.

Night Palace’s chamber pop has cannonballed into the Athens music scene with this debut. Diving Rings is an ethereal listen made whole by Draut’s entrancing voice and captivating lyrics. Their band’s twinkling, wistful sound certainly sets them apart not only from music found in Athens, but music found anywhere else, making them a band to watch.