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Kemp extends gas tax suspension

Governor Brian Kemp has signed an executive order extending temporary suspension of Georgia’s gas tax. Kemp originally signed a bill in March to suspend the roughly 29 cents-a-gallon motor fuel tax, which was set to expire May 31.

The new executive order extends the tax suspension through July 14th. An additional executive order renews Georgia’s state of emergency due to supply chain disruptions. The tax suspension saves Georgians about 30 cents per gallon for gas and 33 cents per gallon for diesel. Kemps said efforts to ease financial burden at the state levels come in response to a “gross mishandling of inflation” by federal officials. He said these executive orders are meant to “empower(ing) Georgians to keep their money in their own pockets while we keep goods flowing.”

Georgia gas prices are currently among the lowest in the country, according to AAA, averaging about 45 cents below the national average for a gallon of regular gas.

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