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UGA receives $5 million in federal funding to work with regional military installations

The University of Georgia has received $5 million (dollars) in federal funding to expand and strengthen its work with regional military installations and their surrounding communities.

The funding will benefit UGA’s Defense Community Resilience Program (DCRP), which is a collaboration between UGA’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems.

The program uses university expertise to expand the natural infrastructure, economic development and civic engagement in communities surrounding military bases. DCRP currently works with four Georgia military communities  and extends into coastal South Carolina and Florida.

This new funding will allow the program to hire more staff to expand its reach and strengthen the partnerships with existing communities.

“People who live on military installations benefit from the social and physical infrastructure of the wider community,” said Institute of Government faculty member Scott Pippin.

“With the Institute of Government’s deep knowledge of local government as well as economic and community development, we are natural partners for addressing potential impacts in land use and sustainability.”

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