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Adrian Florido

Adrian Florido is a national correspondent for NPR covering race and identity in America.

He was previously a reporter for NPR's Code Switch team.

His beat takes him around the country to report on major flashpoints over race and racism, but also on the quieter nuances and complexities of how race is lived and experienced in the United States.

In 2018 he was based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria while on a yearlong special assignment for NPR's National Desk.

Before joining NPR in 2015, he was a reporter at NPR member station KPCC in Los Angeles, covering public health. Before that, he was the U.S.-Mexico border reporter at KPBS in San Diego. He began his career as a staff writer at the Voice of San Diego.

Adrian is a Southern California native. He was news editor of the Chicago Maroon, the student paper at the University of Chicago, where he studied history. He's also an organizer of the Fandango Fronterizo, an annual event during which musicians gather on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border and play together through the fence that separates the two countries.