Grant Blankenship

Grant came to public media after a career spent in newspaper photojournalism. As an all platform journalist he seeks to wed the values of public radio storytelling and the best of photojournalism online.

A message looped on 87.9 FM, a Bibb County School District station, as a traffic jam of hundreds of cars inched into Westside High School on the Friday before the start of school for what was billed as “The Big School Bash.”

Through the low-powered static, a woman’s voice told students what to expect: bookbags, notebooks, boxes of food and, if they and their caregivers wanted them, COVID-19 vaccines.  

Sade Veal got in line early for the event. Like a lot of kids making the jump to middle school, she said she was a little nervous. 

Climate change and limited water resources are taking a toll on the habitat of endangered plants, but Georgia conservationists are taking a fresh approach to the problem. GPB's Grant Blankeship filed this report.