Brown Media Archives Virtually Celebrates 25 Years

Sep 16, 2020

The Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection are celebrating the 25th anniversary of its special collections. 


Credit The University of Georgia

The first event gets underway this evening. It’s a discussion with film makers from Ken Burns production company. 


Mary Miller is the Peabody Award Archivist, she says in addition to preserving and providing educational access to collections, they can also license some collections for reuse in documentaries and other productions.


"One of our favorite customers is Florentine Films which is Ken Burns’ production company and we've worked with them over the years to provide footage for a number of different productions that they've done. We’re delighted to welcome two of the folks from Florentine, Stephanie Jenkins and Salimah El-Amin are going to join us and talk some about the art and craft about of making documentaries."

Miller tells us how you can tune in to tonight’s discussion. 

"The easiest way is to go to The University of Georgia Library’s Homepage which is, and if folks just scroll down to the events section there's a link there that they can follow.”

The talk is 7 pm this evening, it's hosted via Facebook live, but no Facebook account is needed to join. Additional events are planned during the month of October.