University of Georgia Ranked #1 for Research Leading to New Products

Dec 5, 2018

The University of Georgia is number one among 193 institutions in the nation when it comes to research leading to new products on the market. Dr. David Lee is vice president for research at UGA. 

Credit University of Georgia

“What it means is that technologies developed here, at the university, and then subsequently developed by industry have gone to market.”

And those technologies have led to some impressive real world applications and products.

“One of the examples I love to cite is peanuts are a major component of Georgia’s economy. It has been close to a billion-dollar farm gate value in the state; 95% percent of the peanuts grown in Georgia are UGA-improved varieties. That’s a tremendous impact on the agricultural economy in the state.”

It doesn’t stop there.

“It certainly includes agricultural products, but it also extends into biomedical products. There’s a famous dry eye treatment that you see advertised on TV that was developed initially at UGA. We’ve got vaccines that project, for example, the poultry industry. We’ve got educational software; a bio-friendly, eco-friendly barbecue lighter fluid, for example, that’s currently on the market.”

The university has also raised tens of millions of dollars from developments to pump back into research.