African Perspectives

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Celebrating 25 years of broadcasts on WUGA, African Perspectives examines current issues in Africa and celebrates African music and culture. The series also focuses on Africans living in Georgia and the Southeast and provides information about African-related activities on the University of Georgia campus. Host Akinloye Ojo is a native of Nigeria and a Ph.D.  in linguistics.

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In this fourth show in the month of August, we continue to restate our serious worries and concerns about the rising number of Covid-19 infections and the unreasonably high number of unvaccinated people in our state.

The episode recognizes the leadership of the Athens-Clarke County Commission for bringing back the mask mandate in our county.

This episode includes best wishes to the people of Haiti who have just survived a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14.

Our third episode in the month of August features our back to School special with special musical focus on some of the legends of African music.

Featuring a review of the summer focus of our show on the 2021 Mandela Washington Fellowship, the episode continues our focus on the increasing numbers of coronavirus infections in our listening area as the deadlier delta variant of the Coronavirus continues to spread.

This second episode in August focuses on the worrisome rising numbers of coronavirus infections in our listening area and the state of Georgia.

This worrying resurgence of the virus appear to be due to the wide spreading of the deadlier delta variant of the Coronavirus and the unfortunate vaccine hesitancy that has led to a lot of people not getting the available vaccines.

The episode is our first show in August and it is a celebration of the season and our city, Athens, Georgia.

This episode is an African music special featuring an extended selection of wonderful African musical tunes as we share tidbits about the continental organization, the African Union.

The episodes present information posted on the African union website.

As always, the episode features selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including tunes from three collections, ‘Africa Never Stand Still,’ ‘Women of Africa’ and ‘Africa Beat’

This episode is our fourth and final show in July and it continues our special focus on the 2021 UGA Mandela Washington Fellowship Civic Engagement Leadership Institute over the summer.

This episode features conversation with Mukai Tanaka Muparadzi an advocate working against trafficking of persons in Zimbabwe. The episode also provides focused information on the six African nations from which the Mandela Washington fellows previously featured on show originate.