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African Perspectives for March 20, 2022

The third episode in March continues the commemoration of Women’s History month (WHM), the celebration and focus on the history, contributions of women to the society at large. The episode focuses on the challenging and poor political representation of women in Africa and across the world, with specific emphasis on women in parliaments, the law-making bodies around the World.

The show highlights the African nations with good records of female representation such as Rwanda with best female parliamentary representation in the World and those with not so good records. Data used on the episode was provided by Africa Barometer 2021 published by Gender Links with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and the UNWomen.org report. The episode is also the first listeners appreciation show for the year. On these quarterly specials, we specifically acknowledge the support of the show’s listeners. As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by African women including selected tunes from two wonderful selections, African Playground and African Lullaby.

Playlist for March 20

Album: African Lullaby (1999)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Thula Thula

2) Omo (Extra track)

Album: African Playground (2003)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Lango Mo

2) Mbube

3) Hendry

4) Oluronbi

Album: Bameli Soy (1987)

Artist: M’Bilia Bel

Tracks: 1) Lizanga Bambanda

2) Bameli Soy

Album: Oumou 2-CD (2007)

Artist: Oumou Sangare

Tracks: 1) Sigi Kuruni

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