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African Perspectives for April 3, 2022

This first episode in the April announces the 2022 African Studies Spring Lecture being organized by the UGA African Studies Institute and UGA’s hosting of the 2022 cohort of the Mandela Washington Fellows in person from early June through the middle of July. The episode is also the kick-off show for the promised six-week African music odyssey on the show. It begins with an update on the national conference on ‘new institutional framework’ taking place in Guinea before announcing the 2022 African Studies Spring Lecture scheduled to hold on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 3pm. The lecture, “Can the Subaltern Theorize? Matri-Legal Feminism and Studying African Women in Law” will be delivered virtually by Dr. Josephine Jarpa Dawuni, associate professor of political science and Founding Director of the Institute of African Wormen in Law at Howard University. The episode introduces the lecturer and offers the first instalment of the African music odyssey that will last till May on the show. As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including selected tunes from two wonderful collections Music of Africa from the Rough Guide series, and Africa: Music from the four corners, part of the Colors of the World series from Allegro Music Collection

Playlist for April 3:

Album: Rough Guide: Music of Africa (2006)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Uile Ngoan’a Batho

2) Ziwere

3) Wene U N’Ga Yale

4) Kwala Rumba

5) Mabrouk Wo Arisna (Extra track)

Album: Africa: Music from the Four Corners (1998)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Attention (Radio Edit)

2) Lebe Lebe

3) Epuguzu

4) Kotto

5) Sabali (Radio Edit) (Extra track)

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