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African Perspectives for July 24, 2022

5. July 24.jpeg
2022 Mandela Washington Fellows, Arlindo Caiombe (Angla) and Abafita Hanan (Ethiopia) with host, Akinloye Ojo

The fourth episode in the month of July continues the special focus on the 2022 Mandela Washington Fellowship Leadership in Civic Engagement Institute ongoing at UGA through July 17, 2022. The episode features the fifth round of interviews with two of the 25 visiting Mandela Washington Fellows. The Fellows, who are between the ages of 25 and 35, have established records of accomplishment in promoting innovation and positive impact in their organizations, institutions, communities, and countries. This episode continues the friendly take-over of the show by the visiting Fellows as the next three or so shows will feature conversations with half of the twenty-five fellows in weekly pairs. The episode features conversations with the fifth pair of fellows from the People Republic of Angola and the Republic of Ethiopia. The two guests are Arlindo Caiombe from Angola whose project interests include supporting English language teachers and students through a Community English language library, implementing the YALI Leadership courses for local community leaders, and inviting international speakers through Bright Talks and The StandBright Foundation Annual Summit, and Hanah Kadi Abafita from Ethiopia whose project interests include public health emergency management and response, community engagement and research during pandemic or disaster, and health care innovation and entrepreneurship towards a resilient health system. As always, the episode featured selected enjoyable music from Africa and/or by Africans including music from Angola’s Bonga today with Incaldido, and Ethiopia’s Aster Aweke with Yedi Gosh.

Playlist for July 24:

Album: The Rough Guide to the Music of South Africa (1999)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Motherland

2) Nyamphemphe

3) Jive Township (Extra track)

Album: One World (2007)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Incaldido

2) Le Ghouniac (Extra track)

Album: Best of Africa (1996)

Artist: Various Artistes

Tracks: 1) Yedi Gosh

2) Foolish Harp / Waerer

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