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Museum Minute: Family Day

Since December 1985, the museum has organized Family Day, a monthly free program that takes place on a Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to noon. Targeted to school-age children but welcoming all, the program includes gallery activities (including Art Carts that give small folks the chance to touch materials), demonstrations and a hands-on art project. Glass blowers and Japanese archers have set up outside. Kids have made sun prints with natural materials or used air-dry clay to construct their own pots or miniature sculptures. A green screen photo booth allows families to pose, then download their photos later, once a suitable work of art has been added to the background. A kid-sized sofa and rug provide a place to get comfy while reading some art books.

The format has varied slightly over the years. During 2020 and most of 2021, museum staff modified it to include take-home projects or art activities that could be completed at home. But the spirit has always remained the same: an accessible, fun way to introduce kids to art museums. The November Family Day, which features many campus-wide participants in UGA’s Spotlight on the Arts Festival, is always a highlight, with dance, singing, musical performers and more taking over the Performing and Visual Arts Complex quad.

Family Day is sponsored by Lucy and Buddy Allen and the Friends of the Georgia Museum of Art. Upcoming dates can be found on the Georgia Musuem of Art Calendar. To receive advance notice of Family Day dates and themes, become a Friend of the Museum at

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