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The CDC's announcement that vaccinated Americans can forgo masks in many situations caught many off guard and sparked some confusion. Dr. Travis Glenn from the University of Georgia College of Public Health joins us to talk about where we are now with masking.

New research from the University of Georgia suggests that beefed-up contact tracing and testing could be a viable alternative to lockdowns and quarantines.
UGA Today

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the reaction was sweeping -- schools closed, restaurants were shuttered, many descended into self-quarantine, and mask wearing and social distancing were touted as ways to prevent the spread of the disease. But those measures came at a massive societal and economic cost.

Athens News Matters: Project MIGHT Connects People with HIV to Counselors

Aug 23, 2019

People living with HIV face many challenges, including, often, the need for mental health care. However, if a person diagnosed with HIV lives far from treatment, these challenges are even greater.

WUGA’s Lauren Baggett reports on Project MIGHT, a collaboration between UGA's College of Education and College of Public Health aiming to connect people living with HIV with counselors, regardless of distance.

The Eyes Have It

Jun 26, 2018

Eyes may be the gateway to the soul, as the old adage goes, but to UGA researcher Lisa-Renzi-Hammond, eyes are the gateway to health. 

With the right tools, healthcare providers can detect the early signs of disease by taking a look at a patient’s eyes, so Lisa and fellow UGA collaborators are developing the technology to help those tools.


Jun 21, 2015

Government-employed epidemiologists are always on the lookout for the next pandemic. Host April Sorrow speaks to Dr. Karen Hilyard, assistant professor in the College of Public Health, about how public health officials prepare for massive disease outbreaks, and what the CDC can learn from corporate America.