Are greens the key to maintaining brain health?

May 19, 2019

Most of us could stand to eat a few more vegetables, and now researchers from UGA have given us one more reason to our greens.

This week on the Georgia Health Report, host Lauren Baggett and Andy Miller of Georgia Health News discuss how adding dark, leafy greens to our diets can support our brain health.

The Eyes Have It

Jun 26, 2018

Eyes may be the gateway to the soul, as the old adage goes, but to UGA researcher Lisa-Renzi-Hammond, eyes are the gateway to health. 

With the right tools, healthcare providers can detect the early signs of disease by taking a look at a patient’s eyes, so Lisa and fellow UGA collaborators are developing the technology to help those tools.

Lisa Renzi Hammond

According to Dr. Lisa Renzi-Hammond of UGA's College of Public Health, our eyes could provide a "view" into more than just the state of our vision. Renzi-Hammond speaks with host April Sorrow about some of the overall health indicators that can be detected during an eye exam, including the growing importance of lutein in our diet. In fact it turns out, most of us would find we are afforded more time for discussing our overall health with an optometrist than the typical general practitioner. Listen back below for more details.