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Best Black Friday Deals for 2017


The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Black Friday is traditionally associated with the best bargains of the season, but a recent holiday shopping survey by the personal finance website WalletHub shows 53 percent of consumers think they can beat those deals. Analysts have come up with a list of 2017's Best Things to buy on Black Friday.  Jill Gonzalez says there are some offers that are worth the hassle of hitting the stores.

“As far as where the discounts are concentrated, you’ll see the most discounts in apparel and accessories,” according to Gonzalez. “After that, things like computers and phones, and then appliances and consumer electronics. About a third of all discounts will be on apparel and accessories; however, you’ll find the best discounts on jewelry, an average of 60 percent off, books, music and movies an average of 57 percent off and then apparel and accessories around 50 percent off.”

WalletHub says the average savings is about 37 percent so shoppers should make sure they’re saving at least that much on Black Friday, or it’s no deal.

"Keep that in mind if you’re kind of looking at your shopping cart, picking out things to maybe put back on the shelves. It should be 37 percent or marked down higher if not you might not be getting that true Black Friday deal.

Shoppers usually find similar sales online during Cyber Monday, and in recent years, they have been encouraged to take part in Small Business Saturday to boost local retailers.

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