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Georgia Among 2017's States With the Best Elder-Abuse Protections


The number of adults in the U.S. aged 65 and older is expected to more than double by the year 2060 and experts say that group is often overlooked when it comes cases of abuse.

There are estimates that elder-abuse affects as many as 5 million people per year and 96% of all cases go unreported. Among the easiest targets for this misconduct are women, have disabilities and rely on others for care or other type of assistance.  Analysts with the personal-finance website compiled a list of 2017’s States with the Best-Elder Abuse Protections. Jill Gonzalez tells us where Georgia ranked on the list.

“We looked at states that recognize that elder abuse is a real and growing issue and hove they have combated that during the year,” according to Gonzalez. "Georgia did rank in the top half of some of the states with the best elder abuse protections at number 23 of all 50 states, plus D.C.”

Fortunately, states recognize that elder abuse is a real and growing issue. WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 11 key indicators of protections in 3 overall categories. Sheer prevalence, resources being given to the issue, and protections.

“Georgia did well in terms of the sheer prevalence of elder abuse. We looked at the share of elder abuse complaints, gross neglect and exploitation throughout the state and it did a little bit better than average ranked 22nd just for those types of complaints alone. Also really pumping resources into it, high expenditures on that type of prevention, on legal assistance development, and on long-term care programs as well.”

Nevada was the number one state on the list with the best elder-abuse protections while California came in dread last at number 51.

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